The centre of what we do

Patients and the public are at the centre of what we do within healthcare and research at Medway NHS Foundation Trust and we value the voices of the community to guide our work. It is important to listen to their input on which services we deliver to increase engagement in research activity and make the research successful. If we do not involve the people, we risk wasting time and producing research that is not relevant to our local population.

At Medway NHS Foundation Trust, we have been very successful in our research activity in the past 7 years and host a variety of studies. As part of this, it is important that we ensure all our patients’ and communities’ needs are met when moving forward.

Our Vision at Medway NHS Foundation Trust is that every patient using our services are being offered an opportunity to be part of high-quality research. To fulfil this overall vision we need to ensure research activities are core business across the Trust and that our research activities have a patient centred focus.

The Research and Innovation Department at Medway NHS Foundation Trust know that without patient and public involvement we would not be able to complete our research trials. Involving patients and the public in every step of our work is crucial to being able to provide the service that is needed and of use. The Research and Innovation Department encourages our team and researchers to engage with the general public to ensure they are aware of what we do and to get their input on what we should do in the future.


There are many benefits to engaging and involving patients and the public in research activities, including but not limited to:

  • different viewpoints improving design and delivery of studies
  • patient focussed outcomes which serves the wider population and community allowing a voice
  • increases engagement in general research
  • sense of team working/community
  • strengthens applications for funding and ethics

How to get involved

Below are some of the ways you can get involved in our research activities:

  • Taking part in research
  • At your next appointment, ask your healthcare professional about research studies going on in their area
  • Read our recent research publications
  • If you have recent taken part in research at Medway NHS Foundation Trust, complete PRES
  • Do you attend a community group, contact us to come along and talk to you all about research
  • Attend our upcoming events
  • Most research studies being started at Medway NHS Foundation Trust, will need reviewing by a selection of patients and public before they will be approved by a regulated ethics committee. Help review studies that are being written
  • Donate to our Just Giving Fund Raising page Research & Innovation Fund – JustGiving 
  • Become a Research Friend (see below)

Become a Research Friend

Research Friends is an opportunity to stay informed of the research activity going on at the trust. Being a Research Friend includes:

  • Receiving regular bulletins (quarterly) about Research and Innovation at Medway NHS Foundation Trust
  • Opportunities to take part in other research studies
  • Future events at the trust involving research
  • Chances to talk about your experience in research
  • Being involved in development of future research studies or research materials

You would not have to be involved in all the listed activities. We will check every 12 months that you are still happy to be a Research Friend.

If you wish to become a Research Friend of the Research and Innovation Department at Medway NHS Foundation Trust, please fill in the form below.

All data will be stored in accordance to General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR 2018) and Medway NHS FT’s guidelines. If you would like your data changed or to opt out of being a Research Friend any further, please contact



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