Talent and Experience

The Research and Innovation Department comprises several teams, each team consists of specially trained personnel who are experts in their fields. The strength of the Research and Innovation Department is in the bringing together of these individuals to work together as a team. The members of the Research and Innovation team undertake a variety of roles within our department. We have staff members from clinical, pharmacy, academia, finance and administration backgrounds. Our team members can be found in the Research and Innovation Department offices and embedded within wards throughout the hospital.

The Delivery Team

The Delivery team are responsible for supporting and undertaking the research within the hospital. The team consists of nurses, midwives, practitioners and admin who are experts in conducting medical research. The Delivery team are focused on implementing national and international research projects at Medway NHS Foundation Trust.

  • Helen Harizaj

    Helen Harizaj

    Clinical Research Nurse

  • Danielle Wallace

    Danielle Wallace

    Clinical Research Midwife

  • Tom Hatton

    Tom Hatton

    Clinical Research Officer

  • Jodie Wright

    Jodie Wright

    Clinical Research Officer

  • Laura Adams

    Laura Adams

    Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement Facilitiator

  • Clarissa Madla

    Clarissa Madla

    Clinical Research Delivery Manager

  • Ekaterina Ivanova (Kat)

    Ekaterina Ivanova (Kat)

    Senior Clinical Research Practitioner / Recruitment Lead

  • Mary Everett

    Mary Everett

    Senior Clinical Research Practitioner

  • Lisa Parker

    Lisa Parker

    Clinical Research Officer

  • Sabita Pokharel

    Sabita Pokharel

    Clinical Research Nurse

  • Louise Brassington

    Louise Brassington

    Senior Clinical Research Practitioner

  • Patience Nkala

    Patience Nkala

    Clinical Research Practitioner

  • Linda Ofori

    Linda Ofori

    Clinical Research Nurse

  • Gayzel Vallejera

    Gayzel Vallejera

    Clinical Research Nurse

The Governance Team

The governance team are responsible for ensuring that the research is safe, scientifically and ethically sound, and follows the strict guidelines that apply to research being conducted in a hospital setting. If a member of staff has an idea, members of the Governance team help turn that idea into a research project.

  • Lesley Oborne

    Lesley Oborne

    Senior R&I Governance Officer

  • Annette Woods

    Annette Woods

    R&I Project Facilitator

  • Kusal Weerasinghe

    Kusal Weerasinghe

    Senior R&I Project Facilitator

The Management Team

  • Prof Stergios Boussios [MD, MSc, PhD, FRCP]

    Prof Stergios Boussios [MD, MSc, PhD, FRCP]

    Clinical Lead for Research & Innovation

  • Sarah-Jayne Ambler

    Sarah-Jayne Ambler

    Clinical Research Delivery Manager - Midwifery

  • Maines Msiska

    Maines Msiska

    Deputy Head of Research & Innovation