About Us

The Research and Innovation Department is Medway NHS Foundation Trust’s dedicated department for research and innovation. The goal of the Research and Innovation Department is to support the development and delivery of research throughout Medway NHS Foundation Trust, enhancing patient care and treatment and Medway NHS Foundation Trust’s staff well-being.

The Research and Innovation Department provides support for ongoing research and the development of new research projects both internally and externally. Research within Medway NHS Foundation Trust is aimed at improving patient treatment and experience. As well as, projects directly investigating patient treatments and experience the research and innovation department also conducts studies aimed at improving services and staff well-being as this is vital to providing the best care for patients. Therefore, the Research and Innovation Department have interests in all research areas within Medway NHS Foundation Trust.

The Research and Innovation Department consists of specialised teams that support research and innovation in specific ways.

Our Teams

The Governance Team ensures that the research is safe, scientifically and ethically sound and follows the strict guidelines for research carried out in Medway NHS Foundation Trust. The Governance team work with internal staff and external companies such as local universities, councils and pharmaceutical companies. If a staff member has an idea for research or quality improvement, members of the Governance Team help turn that idea into a research project.

The Delivery Team is responsible for supporting and undertaking the research within the hospital. The Team consists of nurses and practitioners who are experts in conducting medical research and data collection. The Delivery Team are focused on implementing national and international research projects at Medway NHS Foundation Trust.

Working closely with the Delivery Team, there is a dedicated team of pharmacists whose role is to process the delivery of drugs for the required research projects. Specifically, the R&I Pharmacy Team focuses on supporting the studies investigating both current and novel pharmaceuticals.

The Research and Innovation Team work on all research projects undertaken at Medway NHS Foundation Trust. The main objective of the Research and Innovation Team is to provide an opportunity for every patient who enters the hospital to have access to trial participation. The Research and Innovation Team has specialists in all research areas throughout the hospital, with some research nurses embedded within the wards. The Research and Innovation Team is proud to be able to offer diverse expertise in multiple crucial healthcare specialities and continue to develop staff members to provide the best opportunities possible for patients at Medway NHS Foundation Trust.

Meet the team

The forefront of innovative healthcare

By fully integrating research and innovation into our organisation, we outperform organisations that do not, leading to better quality care and improved use of resources. Patients who visit Medway NHS Foundation Trust now have the best opportunity to be at the forefront of innovative healthcare.

Research and innovation are at the heart of everything we do. The hospital’s executive Team supports and encourages their staff’s learning and development, fostering an active research culture in Medway. This research culture promotes the use of research evidence in decision-making processes to increase the care of all those associated with Medway NHS Foundation Trust.

Medway NHS Foundation Trust is keen to undertake research in a wide variety of topics and specialities. To date Medway NHS Foundation Trust has performed project from all the specialities below, as well as, investigating ways to improve staff wellbeing, and sustainability.

  • Aging, Dementia and Neurodegeneration
  • Anaesthesia, Perioperative Medicine and Pain Management
  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Children and Young People
  • Critical Care
  • Diabetes
  • Gastroenterology
  • Genomics and Rare Diseases
  • Haematology
  • Health Service Research
  • Infection
  • Metabolic and Endocrine Disorders
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Public Health and Prevention
  • Reproductive Health and Childbirth
  • Respiratory Disorder
  • Stroke
  • Surgery
  • Trauma and Emergency Services
  • Urology